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Welcome to Pixie Chicks

As some of you may know, I launched my new brand today and I have merchandise to coincide with it. Since I have been giving sneak previews and now with the launch, several people have reached out to me to ask what it was about. So I decided to answer this in my blog.

I have had several hairstyles, from braids, weaves to natural curls and now short relaxed tresses. I determined that I felt like my absolute best with my short relaxed hair, the Pixie cut, and transitioned back to it in August of this year. I also love to wear graphic shirts and hoodies and as I wore my haircut, I started to look for graphic t-shirts to wear to celebrate it. I was unable to find any on the market. So the idea was birthed in me to start the brand myself.

If we can celebrate and encourage people to be proud of their locs, natural curls, braids, weaves, and wigs....I thought it was only fitting to celebrate the Pixie Cut. If you are a lover of this short cut or if you know someone who is, please feel free to browse my store and pick up some merchandise as we endeavor to take #PixieChick worldwide!

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