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Someone Else's Experience, May Not Be Your Experience

I started really getting the hang of growing and working with indoor plants over the past 3 years. There are still some plants that give me heartburn when they just start dying out of nowhere after you've done all you can to help them grow. I have one particular plant, called the Yucca Cane Plant, that doesn't need much maintenance or water for them to thrive. Recently, I have noticed that the leaves are starting to yellow and die, and no matter what I do to it, the process of death continues.

Today, when I came back from being out of town for 12 days, I examined it to see if I should just throw the entire plant out, and I noticed a new plant growing from the same pot and in the same dirt. It's growing healthy and sturdy and now I know that I won't be throwing the entire plant away. For some reason, whatever was making the original plant die, was causing a new plant to grow. For now, I will try to prune the original plant to see if I can get it to come back to life, and also allow the new plant to continue growing where it is.

We can also apply this same logic to our own lives. Just because someone tried a process, and it failed for them, does not mean that you shouldn't try your process regardless of the similarities to theirs. What won't work for others, could possibly be the exact thing you need for your success. Keep going!!!

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