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Coming Out!

Well that title definitely caught your attention didn't it? Let's hope you continue reading the entire blog - LOL!

No, I'm not living the LGBTQ+ lifestyle, but there was something that I was in the closet about. As a Christian, I was uncomfortable around those who lived the gay lifestyle, and in some ways I was a "gay snob" for lack of a better term. But the way my life has been unfolding within the past 5 or so years, I can no longer afford to be that person.

As a single person with no immediate family in the area that I live in, I had friends at my church. One of my friends has a niece who is gay, and recently married the love of her life. This niece and her wife became like family to me...and we all know that friends are the family we choose. I was not ashamed to be around them and I didn't care what people thought about me when I was out in public with them, because they are true and genuine people.

Then one of my loved ones came out as gay. At first, I was mad, and ashamed. But I still kept being friends and doing activities with the gay couple. One day I had an epiphany....why was it so easy to accept someone outside of my family, who I actually considered family that I didn't share blood with, but so hard for me accept my loved one, who I did share blood with? My thought process began to change. I realize that God is about love and that all I can do is love people where they are. In fact, the greatest commandment is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. It's not my job to point out what I think is right or wrong, I am only called to love people. How someone else chooses to live their life does not affect me at all.

So today, on June 1, 2022, the start of #GayPride month, I choose to come out as an #ally. I choose to love people despite our differences in thoughts, beliefs, or who we choose as a partner.

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I love this!!


Qualaya Taylor
Qualaya Taylor
01 Jun 2022

Love this❤️

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