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Spreading Positivity

Hello there! I just wanted to send a quick little post of encouragement. Today, I woke up feeling like the VERY BEST version of myself. Nothing new has happened, I didn't suddenly get a windfall of money, I didn't receive any spectacular news, but I'm always grateful for everything...even the little things. At a time where war is raging, in a season where depression is being triggered, and in a place where division is currently the main theme, I'm grateful. I'm not homeless, I have food to eat, I have a job that I actually like, and I have healthy family members. I have enough to be successful today.

I choose to focus on the positive, and I refuse to give negativity my attention. I believe that whatever I focus on, will grow, because that's what I'm feeding. I won't let doubt, worry, or hatred consume me. I won't focus on things I can't control...I choose to put it all in God's hands...his hands are more equipped to fix things than mine are anyway.

I hope this has encouraged you to do the same...if you have to, shift your focus to the positive.

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