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It's the Truth Anyhow

Hey Peeps! So I’ve been thinking about something lately. And this post is not to bash anybody, but this is the reality for some of us as women.

There are times when we are married or in relationships, and one or the other makes a decision to cheat. And yes... I said decision...cause you don’t accidentally cheat. After the cheating is discovered, instead of the “cheater” admitting their wrong, sometimes they try to place the blame on what the other person ‘didn’t do’. They give selfish responses like ‘you weren’t there for me’ or ‘ you didn’t do this for me’, (replace ‘this’ with whatever you want) and it becomes all about shining a light on your shortcomings. Never do they address their own issues. And that’s a huge problem.

What makes this so troublesome for me is this...what makes the ‘cheater’ think that they were worthy of our loyalty, while we remained unworthy of theirs? What gives them this narcissistic view of themselves to actually believe that we should be doing all we can to keep them and they don’t have to match our efforts to keep us? It’s problematic and one-sided thoughts like this that people don’t even realize that we feed into when we accept as our truth, “well I could have done more” when the truth is...THEY COULD HAVE DONE MORE TOO!! Just like they made a decision to cheat, some of us could have done the same thing, but chose not to.

I now consider myself a prize, and I don’t mean it in a haughty way. But what I won’t do is accept any and everything in an effort just to be with somebody. So Dear Mr. Future Potential Relationship, if you can’t accept the fact that I will hold you responsible and accountable for your own actions towards me, might I suggest you look past me to someone with a little less self-esteem and self-awareness than I have.

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