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Hey ms lookin tasty ms

The statement above is what I received in my Facebook Messenger app. Clearly, this man doesn't know me, or he would know that I am a grammar junkie, and would find this totally unacceptable. And not only that....but TASTY??!!! I don't know this man, I don't even know how we became friends on Facebook, and this is his opening statement? Let's be clear, I understand that reaching out on social media is the same as going to the mall or the club to meet people in this day and age...but you don't shoot your shot with a word like TASTY in the sentence unless you're talking about actual food!

So, when I proceeded to 'check' this man and tell him to get out of my messages with that, he asked me if he had said something wrong! Was he kidding??!!! I actually had to tell him that I was a grown woman and not to come at me with "looking tasty" because that wasn't a compliment! He proceeded to apologize, by asking me to "set" his apology! SET IT TO WHAT SIR?? Set it on fire? At this point, I was ready to throw the whole conversation away, and just responded with, "No problem".

After this exchange, I began thinking, "was this what my crazy single life was reduced to?" And the name of this blog was born!

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