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So let me tell you about my puppy son. His name is Ace and he's a 10 pound Shih-Tzu & Yorkie mix. I got him right after I had decided to file for divorce. This was a low period in my life, because it was the end of something that I expected to last for the rest of my life. Looking back, I can say that I was a little depressed because I didn't know what the future held. I hated living in the family home because it held too many memories of what once was. Yes I prayed, and threw myself into my work, and I even found a part-time job teaching, but I was still rather lonely and sad. My children were no longer babies, and didn't need me as what was I going to do with myself? A friend told me that she had just gotten a puppy from one of her friends and that he was too much for her to handle as a single woman living alone, and asked me if I would be interested in taking him off her hands. I jumped at the chance...and boy am I glad I did.

Ace helped me to forget about my sadness, and I felt needed again. He needed to be fed, walked, bathed, played with and cared for. My children all pitched in with him, and he just became a joy to all of us. Now at a year and a half old, he's just as needy now as he was then. I can't move without him coming to see what I'm doing. Every grocery bag I bring in, he is looking at me with expectancy to see what I had bought for him. If I'm in my room with the door closed, Ace comes to my door, and scratches and whines until I let him in. If I take too long, he's trying to peek under the door or he will just lay in front of it until I open it.

I want to encourage someone that may be going through a low point in their life, find something to take your mind off of whatever problem you are having. You may not be a dog person, but I'm sure there is some passion inside of you that is laying dormant and screaming for your attention.

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