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The month of March was a very trying one for me. I went through a life-altering event that I may or may not share the details about publicly...but just know that I'm blessed to still be here and I realize that. The fact that I am on the mend when many others didn't pull through just confirms that I still have a purpose to fulfill and that I was on point with the naming of this website. In order to truly have a fulfilled life, you have to fulfill your purpose while here on Earth.

I urge you to follow your passion. Whatever it is that you are passionate about, I promise you it is included in your purpose. You don't need anyone to cosign anything, the passion was given to you, not to anyone else, and not many people will understand. You're not losing your mind, you just have a purpose to fulfill, so don't waste another minute waiting for someone else to understand your thoughts and dreams. Move in silence so that you don't have to hear any negative remarks about what you are don't need that negative energy in your space anyway. It won't help you get to where you are supposed to be.

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