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Own Your Power

There are times when we may be faced with choices to make. We vacillate at times and are unsure of which direction to take when life hits us. Oftentimes, it could even be when choices have to be made between doing the right thing, and doing what makes us feel good. While the obvious choice may make you feel uncomfortable, you ultimately know what the right decision should be. So the problem isn’t knowing what you should or shouldn’t do, it’s the fact that we don’t want to be uncomfortable. It’s so much easier at times to do what you’ve always been doing, because of familiarity. Many of us know how to operate in dysfunction, so it’s not a strange place for us. We may even allow others to act as our agents, and make decisions on our behalf.

But what if the unknown held our blessings that have already been released? We sit and wait for something that has been promised to us, not realizing that what was promised to us has already been released, but just not manifested yet....because we keep making the wrong decision. The wrong decisions keep leading us further and further away from our desired target.

But it's not too late!! Take your power back by making the decision that is best for you overall, not what's best for you right now! Don't allow anyone else to decide for you what you should be deciding for yourself. OWN YOUR POWER!

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