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Mr. Right...Or Mr. Right Now?

Updated: May 13, 2020

Greetings! In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that I had met a nice man and we began dating right as my divorce was wrapping up. Now, I want to share how we met.

My ex and I were still living in the same house although we were going through the divorce. I slept in the bedroom, and after my oldest son went to the Army, he slept in the basement in my oldest son's bedroom. So we were still occupying the same space, and still cooking for the family and doing occasional family functions together, but we lived separate lives. On one Sunday in June, he was supposed to cook on the grill, and when he went to cook, there was no charcoal left. He asked me to go to the store to get more, and after I complained for about 10 minutes, I reluctantly got up to go. As I'm checking out at the register and about to pay, I dropped some change out of my wallet on to the floor. This gentleman picked it up and said, "excuse me ma'am, you dropped your change." He handed me my change and proceeded to walk out of the store. As I finished up my transaction, and got to the front of the store, this same man was putting his cart up. He came out behind me, and said, "I just want to say you are absolutely beautiful and some man is a very lucky man." My response was, "well thank you, and unfortunately he didn't appreciate it." He asks, "well are you dating right now?" and I answered, "No, not at this time." He stated, "Oh so you're still healing? I can respect that," So we both went our separate ways.

As I was walking to my car, I began wondering if I had done the right thing, should I have given him my phone number, should I have given him my Facebook information? But then I told myself that if it was meant to be, I would see him again. So now let's fast forward to August. I received my final divorce decree in the mail, and the next day, I decided to go and look for some furniture for my new apartment that I would be moving into at the end of September. I'm in the furniture store and a young salesman is helping me. I picked out what I wanted, and then I told him I wanted to look around some more and he said that it was fine because he had other customers and to let him know when I was ready. So I browsed around, and then I went to look for him. The other group of salesmen told me that they would go and get him. So I sat on the bed that I had picked out for my daughter and another salesman walked through after about 20 minutes. I asked him if he could go and check on my salesman. He did and came back to tell me that the younger salesman told him that he could help me because he was still finishing up. As he was walking towards me, I began thinking, "this guy looks familiar" and then it clicked...IT WAS THE GUY WHO PICKED UP MY CHANGE FOR ME!! I told him he looked familiar, he said that I did too, and then I asked him about that day, and he responded, "oh that is you isn't it". So I took that as a sign, that we were supposed to date because I never thought I would see him again.

Although we are not currently seeing each other, I can honestly admit that he was everything I needed at the time. He knew I had made the decision to be celibate until after I remarried and he still wanted to date me. He cooked for me, he took care of my car, we had weekly or bi-weekly scheduled date nights and he made sure I didn't want for anything. I truly feel that had I decided to keep seeing him, we would have been married. But I realize that I needed to see what this particular season held for me. While my divorce was a long time coming, and I felt that I was totally healed from my marriage, there were things that I needed to do for myself, by myself. If we never get back together, I'm fine with that, and I'm sure that whoever God has for me will be perfect FOR ME.

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