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Monitor Your Own Beam

I'm not sure how many of you read or even believe in the bible, but it's full of advice for practical living. One such passage describes how a person can see a splinter in someone else's eye, but didn't notice the beam of wood in their own eye. Lately, I had someone express to me that they could see a "change" in me as if this was a bad thing and that they knew it would lead to me being single. This person would call themselves warning me against certain people, actions or conversations saying that it was detrimental to me. During this conversation, I became very agitated with what they were saying, but I couldn't put my finger on why. This person did not add any value to my life, was not in my immediate circle, but yet and still, I found myself pondering on the words that they chose. And then it hit me....this person was so critical of my path and the decisions that I made, but never considered their own ways. They were definitely holding me to THEIR higher level of accountability than they were holding themselves to.

This is another form of control. People like to warn you when you appear to be getting "off course" when it's THEIR course you are getting off of!! They can see that they are losing their ability to manipulate and influence you because you are on the path of awakening. It's just like in the movie Get long as they have that teacup, they are in full control of your mind. But as soon as you realize how they are controlling you, and you knock the teacup out of their reach, they panic. So they have to try to pull you into their web by other means which includes taking digs at your self-esteem, and making you question every decision you've made to bring you where you are today.

Let me just say, I have come a long way from where I used to be. I am not the same person I was, and THIS MICHELLE, can not be controlled with anyone's "teacup". We should all focus on our own shortcomings, and consider how we can be better as individuals, instead of looking past our own beams, and finding the flaws in everyone else. We all have work to do.

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