Love Is The Answer is the answer...but what's the question? For me, the question is how to be healed and whole. It's only fitting that the answer should come to me on Feb 1, the month where people everywhere, start (and sometimes finish) celebrating love. Honestly, I can admit that I haven't shown as much love as I should have, or extended grace where I could have. But now, I have decided to be intentional with my actions. I intend to show love to people who I know have wronged me, counted me out, talked about me, or even those who don't have my best interests at heart. This includes being a little softer with my responses or requests, and smiling more. I know that at times, we get an inside look at the character flaws of the people around us. But I'm starting to think that instead of pulling their covers, maybe this revelation is to allow us to pray more for them, or show them a softer side so that they can think about some of their actions. A soft answer turns away a person's wrath, and I believe that what we put out to the Universe is also what we receive back; that's the law of sowing and reaping. So if I put out more love, I won't have room in my heart to allow bitterness to take root, and I will have more room to receive love and healing. This is suddenly as clear as day...showing love is a part of my healing process!

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