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It's About Respect

I often wonder how, especially in today's times, those who are in positions to secure and protect the leaders of the government, can actually do their job effectively when they may not necessarily believe their views, or their agenda. I think about how it must be difficult to do when facing opposition in the marketplace or even at home within their own families. Perhaps they are criticized for even doing their jobs. But I would like to propose, that not everyone who defends a person in position, is actually defending or protecting the person, as much as they are defending or protecting the position. I would like to believe that they have enough wisdom to know that they can't look at the opposition that comes with their assignment as a personal attack on them or reflective of what they stand for as much as it is an attack on the position of the person in leadership. Those in leadership are held to a much higher standard, and whether we believe that's right or wrong, it's true.

This is my thought process...although I may not always agree with the decisions of leadership, I do respect the office and position. Because I respect the office and position, I refuse to knowingly sow discord and voice my discontent to those I may have influence on. This does nothing for the greater good. All I can do is play my role, and stay in my lane and exercise the best judgment for the things that I have control over. So while I may not always agree with decisions, I will respect the position of the decision maker. I encourage myself with the following: seasons change, and things won't always be the way they are.

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