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I Am Not My Hair

So....for years I have always said that when you see women with different hairstyles and different hair color all the time, it's an indication that something is going on inside. We may not always express ourselves verbally, but sometimes we go to great lengths to be creative with our looks. For us as African American women, we are blessed with the ability to be versatile with our hair.

As I made the decision to go through with my divorce, I began to do different things with my hair. I cut it short, went natural, had braids, and went through a weave stage. This was all within about a nine month span of time. I realized I was trying to express my new found independence, and it started with taking control of my look. As I went through all these stages, I realized that the best for me was my short, relaxed hair. I know that there is a wave of women who have embraced their natural curls, and I tried to be one of them, but the way my life is set's just easier for me to have it short and relaxed. I've seen so many articles and post from people who believe that we are ashamed of who we are, and where we come from if we aren't natural, but that is not always the case. For some of us, it's just easier.

I don't know what stage you may be in regarding your hairstyle choice, but let me encourage you that it's just that...YOUR choice. I refuse to be shamed for continuing in my relaxer stage, just as I'm sure there are women who refuse to be shamed for being natural. We are who we are in spite of our hair choices, and I for one, am proud of who I am!!!

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