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Don't Lose Focus

As we go through life, sometimes, things happen to us and for us. It's easy to allow those things to get us off track from our purpose. It happens to the best of us. This is probably why I haven't been blogging as much as I should, even though I'm very passionate about sharing and expressing my thoughts. I realize for some people, it's not easy sharing things that have happened to them; they may look at it as "I'm not putting my business in the street" but if the truth be told, your story could help someone else. I truly believe that we go through things to help someone else. If just one of my blog posts helps someone else, then I'm completely happy. With that being said, I can not let this passion die because things happen in life that try to shift my focus. I have dreams and goals for this blog and website, and I need to stay the course so that this 'baby' comes to fruition.

I want to encourage someone, if you have lost your focus, your passion or your drive, do whatever is necessary to get it back. Distractions happen, but don't allow the distractions to deter you from your purpose, plans, goals and dreams. Realize that something was planted in you for a reason, and even if it seems as if someone has the same idea as you, and may have started first, that doesn't mean your dream won't get off the ground. Whatever has been planted, has got to give birth. I know that I am ONE CONNECTION away from greatness. You should believe the same about yourself!

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