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Hello, I just want to be short and sweet today, but I feel really pressed to get this out.

I want to talk about desperation. This word normally carries with it a negative connotation. Even the definition is a state of hopelessness leading to rashness, or a loss of hope and surrender to despair. While it's true that being in a desperate state can lead you to make rash, unhealthy decisions, there could also be a time where a state of desperation can lead you down a different path.

Sometimes, people don't make changes to their lives until they are in what looks like a dire situation. When in those situations, you can either make choices that cause you to sink into a further desperate state, or make decisions to completely change your life for the better. I want to implore you to look at desperation in a different way from this day forward. When you find yourself in a state of desperation, what will you choose? Will you make a rash decision that will cause you to have further regret...or will you make a decision that will send your life in a different direction...a total 180 degree turn if you will? We don't want to do a 360...because that brings us back to where we started...a 180 degree turn, will have our back to our circumstances and cause us to look outward at better solutions.

What are you desperate for?

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Nicole Queen
Nicole Queen
Aug 31, 2021

That is so so true and such a harsh reality, as a quick, “short term” fix (that we may later regret) is sometimes made out of desperation. The crazy thing is that its temporary effects may alter the present situation, but create an even larger disaster that takes years to remedy! But like you said, if the proper changes are implemented beforehand (through a consistent lifestyle of balance, redefined boundaries, and expectations), we can avoid such issues. Desperation does not have to be our portion….. if only we “plan ahead.”

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