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Closed Doors

I received some news today that I wasn't happy about and it initially left me discouraged. I began to immediately have doubt in myself and my skills. I took some time to sulk about it, and feel sorry for myself, but then the real me kicked in. This closed door reminded me that the opportunity was not my purpose and it wasn't connected to who I was created to be or what I was created to accomplish with my time left on Earth.

I took some time to reflect and I quickly came to the realization that every door that opens isn't for us and that sometimes, you have to create your own door and walk through it. I won't allow anyone to box me in to their perception of who I am, or what my purpose is, because I already know it. I won't allow anyone's empty words of affirmation to stroke my ego...because again...I already know who I am.

This closed door has "fired me up" in a good way. The results will be amazing.

Stay tuned!

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