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Hello and thanks for visiting. I am Michelle Reyna, the author of the "Fulfilled Life" blog. It is my goal to use my voice (spoken and written) to transform lives through honesty, passion, and transparency. In my writing, I reflect on my life, both the triumphs and disappointments. I do so because oftentimes, writing is therapeutic and most importantly, I always want you, my readers, to be reminded of what resilience can look like. I want you to know that regardless of what moments may have played a part in who you are today, those moments don't have to define you. Instead, they can be building blocks to propel you into your purpose, learn more about who you are, and even serve as a testament to others that you can still live a FULFILLED LIFE!

Recent Blogs


Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my mother's passing, and it was also my daughter's birthday. I didn't want my daughter's birth...

Closed Doors

I received some news today that I wasn't happy about and it initially left me discouraged. I began to immediately have doubt in myself a...

All Lives Matter?

Usually when I blog, I try to make sure that I am not divisive in anything that I say because I don't want to offend anyone. I realize t...

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