Updated: May 13, 2020

One day last week, I was walking from my car to my office. As I was walking, I ran into another co-worker that I don't normally talk to. She looked at me and said, "Oh My God you have a lot of bags!! I wouldn't be able to carry all of those bags everyday!" She said this so shockingly that it caused me to assess what I was carrying. I had my book bag that contained my laptop, my purse, and my lunch bag. I thought to myself, "I don't know what she means, this is stuff I need everyday." Then I looked at what she was carrying. She had a roller bag for her laptop, a purse, and a plastic grocery bag for her lunch. The...exact...same...amount that I was carrying. The only difference is that she had her laptop in a roller bag. I said to her, "look at what you're're carrying exactly what I have." Then she tried to dismiss it by saying, "oh yeah, I guess I do, but yours is almost as big as you." I wanted to throw shade, but I took the high road...this time. Those of you that know me personally should be proud of me - LOL!!!

People have a tendency to minimize the baggage that they are carrying and magnify yours. They could be carrying the exact same amount of bags, but because it doesn't look the same as theirs, or because you carry it differently, they are shocked that you have so much going on, while overlooking the fact that so do they! In this life, no one is perfect, and we all have our own particular "weight" to bear. Don't get thrown off course because yours seems to be more or bigger than the next person. Get over the comparison factor, you will end up where you are supposed to. After all, my co-worker and I both arrived to the same office and elevator at the same time, though she started out ahead of me. Perhaps her roller bag slowed her down, while my book bag gave me the extra push I needed.

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